Founder and Chief

“Inspired to make (living) spaces more exciting, whilst respecting the customers wishes, I always try to find ways to make bold design decisions. People should feel comfortable in their own space. At the same time, I believe that one should be triggered to find their inner rebel and create a space they can proudly share with others. 

Making a space people talk about beyond the four walls is my aim! Stand out with your interior and life will be more exciting!



“Born and raised in Italy and lost my heart to The Netherlands. If you ask me to choose between Verona or Amsterdam, I would not be able to, 

Growing up in Verona I have always been inspired by the historic buildings and this was my encouragement to become an architect. When I moved to Amsterdam, I was even more so inspired by the incredible way of building and making use of spaces.

Working in both countries as an architect, it teaches me the best of both worlds!”


Second hand buyer and final styling

“Having been to almost every France brocante since I was a kid, it still makes my heart skip a beat when I find a lost treasure! Whether I travel to the other side of the country or find something online, I always look for that unique piece that stands out, but seamlessly fits the design plan. 

I love to make use of everything that is already there at hand and elevate it within the new interior!”

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